Yoga Training in Khartoum

This is a unique opportunity to deepen your yoga and meditation practice.

Blue Nile Lotus is offering a yoga training program in January 2018 that will run for 6 weeks. During the program you will learn:

  • The foundational yoga poses and how to hold them
  • Breathing techniques
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Anatomy
  • Acro-yoga
  • Partner yoga
  • Ayuerveda
  • How to work with emotions

Specialists in these fields are coming to Khartoum to meet you and to share what they love. This is a unique training as it gives you a taste of numerous disciplines of yoga while stringing them all together to provide you with tools to navigate day to day interactions with awareness.

You may wish to deepen your yoga practice, become a yoga teacher,

Two programs will be offered:

120 hours certification

Classes will be held every Saturday from 10am – 3pm and Sunday to Thursday from 6pm to 9pm. Friday will be off.

The cost of the program is on a sliding scale of $1,200 to $1,500.

During the 6 weeks, you will:

  • Learn the basic yoga poses: the alignment, the name, when to use each pose
  • Be introduced to the history and philosophy of yoga
  • Learn the anatomy of the body and common injuries to watch out for
  • Learn meditation techniques like mindfulness meditation amongst others
  • Learn to work with fear, trust and patience in acro-yoga and partner-yoga
  • Explore Ayurveda and learn how to nourish our body

200 hours official worldwide certification 

For those who would like to obtain the official Yoga Alliance teacher training certificate, an additional 80 hours will be offered.  The Yoga Alliance certificate is required for those who would like to teach in the USA or Europe. The extra hours will be offered on Fridays from 10am to 3pm. You will also be required to complete a good amount of homework. The cost of the additional hours is on a sliding scale of $800 – $1,100.

During these extra hours you will:

  • Memorize and learn to teach three yoga sequences
  • Practice teaching
  • Learn how to adjust students in the poses
  • Learn to use your voice for teaching and guiding students
  • Learn how to construct a class
  • You will have homework and will spend time on self-reflection, which will become the fruits for when you begin to teach

The program is open to men and women. If you wish to be part of these programs, you should already have or will begin to establish a regular yoga practice. Please also purchase your own yoga mat.


Two partial scholarships will be offered for the 120hr program. This means that for two students who are approved for the scholarship, they will pay $600 each.


Two students will be offered differed payment. This means that for two students who are approved, they can pay half the amount this year and half the amount next year.

To apply for the partial scholarship please click here

To apply for the differed payment option please click here


The Teachers

The weaver

Nathalie is the founder and director of Blue Nile Lotus. She has trained in vinyasa along with mindful yoga and Tibetan yoga. She is bringing together an incredible team to make the practice of yoga and meditation accessible and alive for students in Khartoum. Yoga is relatively new in the Sudan, and as the seeds are planted, this training aims to make the practice relevant and applicable to our day to day life. By stringing together different disciplines of yoga, students will see their daily struggles with a compassionate heart and find the tools to help themselves and in turn support others.

Ayurveda teacher

Ali Cramer is the Creative Director of Laughing Lotus, a leading yoga school in the USA. Ali is very inspired by her twelve year study of Ayurveda, the Sister Science to Yoga, which dictates certain rules according to season, circumstances, and Practitioner and will be sharing her love of the topic with students in Khartoum. Ali is particularly loved at Blue Nile Lotus as she has been to Khartoum a number of time teaching students to become teachers as well as offering on-going workshops.

Ayurveda teacher

Anatomy teacher

A Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lori Zucker is a clinician and adjunct professor at Rutgers University, USA.
As a clinician, Lori blends traditional physical therapy practice with yoga to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Anatomy can be a daunting topic, yet Lori is gifted in helping students learn how the body works by making topics accessible and fun to understand. Students leave Lori’s classes having a solid understanding of anatomy, injury prevention and asana modifications.

Anatomy teacher


Meditation teacher

Kate Johnson is a mindful yoga and meditation teacher with an interest in social action and creativity. She teaches mindful yoga in NYC public schools and facilitates an embodied approach to organizational and leadership development for social change agents and communities. Kate’s talent is in helping students find what meditation can be for them and how to ground meditation in one’s everyday life.

Meditation teacher


Acro-yoga & Partner-yoga teacher

Eszter Farkas is a vinyasa yoga instructor also certified in acroyoga. While acroyoga may be new to many Ezster gently helps students discover ways to work with trust, non-verbal communication and finding strength while remaining playful. Her soulful classes aim for a balance between dynamism and mindful introspection. Eszter is also a student and practitioner of the magical art of Thai yoga massage, a therapy working the physical and emotional layers of the body.

Eszter F