The 6 Week Program – (this program has come to an end)

This is a rare yoga training program. Over a period of 6 weeks, students will study with experts while continuing with their day to day commitments at work and with family. This will allow the rich material to sink in and become applicable in day to day life. Nathalie has been envisioning this training for many years wanting to make it relevant to the community in Khartoum – women and men, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, activists, artists and peace builders. Nathalie has a deep appreciation for Sudan and is excited to partner with talented yoginis to bring this rich program to life.

For those who wish to become teachers, this will be an intense and unforgettable journey. For those who wish to hand pick a few weeks, you will leave feeling you’ve gained something memorable and applicable.

1. Setting the foundation

Nathalie will guide students in understanding what is yoga, what are the different branches of yoga and what is the practice really about. We will break down the poses looking at alignment so that students are left feeling clear and confident about how to hold the poses.The foundation will be set.  If time permits, we will discuss and explore the subtle body. 

Nathalie is the Director and Founder of Blue Nile Lotus. She will be the primary teacher for the teacher training program and will partner with the guest teachers to weave together the modules so that students emerge ready to share yoga within their communities. She is excited to be part of the exchange that will occur as teachers and students from different cultures come together to practice.  

2. Anatomy and understanding your body

Lori will join us from New York to teach anatomy. A Doctor of Physical Therapy, Lori is a clinician and adjunct professor at Rutgers University, USA. As a clinician, Lori blends traditional physical therapy practice with yoga to provide a holistic approach to rehabilitation.

Anatomy can be a daunting topic, yet Lori is gifted in helping students learn how the body works by making topics accessible and fun to understand. Loris distills anatomical language so you experience and feel how the bones, muscles and nervous system are interconnected in your body. We will have lab sessions where we will look at common injuries and talk about how to practice while respecting and honoring the body. Students will leave Lori’s classes having a solid understanding of anatomy, injury prevention and asana modifications.


3. Ayurveda and lifestyle 

Ali will return to teach at Blue Nile Lotus.  Ali drank the waters of the River Nile and returns to Khartoum yearly to teach. In the past Ali has come to teach students to become teachers and has also offered on-going workshops at the studio. 

Ali is the Creative Director of Laughing Lotus, a leading yoga school in the USA. Ali’s breadth of knowledge on Ayurveda and the chakra system makes her an invaluable teacher. Ali will be teaching Ayurveda which is the sister science to yoga and dictates certain rules according to season, circumstances, and Practitioner.

Ali is loved at the studio and we are excited to see her back in Khartoum. 

4. Meditation and mindfulness

Kate will join us to share her in depth knowledge of meditation. Kate is a mindful yoga and meditation teacher with an interest in social action and creativity. She teaches mindful yoga in NYC public schools and facilitates an embodied approach to organizational and leadership development for social change agents and communities. Kate’s talent is in helping students find what meditation can be for them and how to ground meditation in one’s everyday life.

Kate will break down the practice of mindfulness. Together we will practice walking, eating and sound meditation. We will also explore how to deepen our understanding and sense of equanimity, love, compassion and joy.

5. Trauma informed yoga

Samara will share the neurobiology of how stress and trauma affects the brain, how yoga, mindfulness and breath practices can be used to help mitigate these effects.This module will be of particular interest for aid and development organizations interested in integrating complementary trauma informed movement practices into existing peace-building, recovery or development programs. Samara will also teach self-regulation and self-care practices for those who work in high-stress and trauma-related professions.

As well as being a yoga teacher and movement educator, Samara is a Yoga Tune Up(c) teacher, she is also co-founder of Feet on the Ground an organization which works at the intersection of yoga, trauma, peacebuilding, and self-care, and she is an aid worker based in NYC.


6. Play with acro-yoga

In the last week, Eszter will come from Hungary to teach acro-yoga. While partner and acro-yoga may be new to many, Eszter gently helps students discover ways to work with trust, non-verbal communication and finding strength while remaining playful. Often working in pairs and groups, we will explore finding a common balance, power and perhaps rediscover the child within us. Eszter is a vinyasa yoga instructor also certified in acro-yoga and is a student and practitioner of Thai yoga massage, a therapy working the physical and emotional layers of the body. She used to work in Sudan for the UN for nearly three years.

Over the course of the program we will have formed a solid connection between mind and body. During the final week we soften our idea of what yoga should be and have the chance to be lighthearted and playful.