Studio Teachers


Mia enjoys flowing some days to music and other days to the sound of the birds on the Blue Nile Lotus terrace. She strives to practice and teach with grace, intention and compassion. Yoga for Mia offers space for expansion, creativity and growth. In Mia’s classes you will notice her deep appreciation for the balance between movement of the body and stillness of the mind.


Dimah’s teaching seeks to support students through various asanas and pranayama exercises, or proper postures, movements, and breathing techniques. Her experience with yoga was sparked as an adolescent but further grew with Blue Nile Lotus after moving to Sudan. Dimah attained her Yoga Alliance certification in Tanzania with Yoga Zanzibar after a rigorous month long training. Among other areas her always developing Ashtanga-based Vinyasa practice centers on techniques, anatomy, and Patangali’s philosophy.


Nathalie found yoga 20 years ago in the hustle of New York city. Upon her return to Khartoum in 2008, she founded Blue Nile Lotus, the first yoga studio in Sudan. She was first drawn to yoga because of the physical intensity of the practice and in the last few years she has been inspired by the study of self reflection that the practice offers. She’s pursued mindfulness and meditation trainings which she weaves into her classes allowing students to open up to sensations and remain present for what is arising. Nathalie takes tremendous joy creating safe and sacred spaces for practitioners to explore and play. Nathalie returns to Khartoum to teach every 6 months.


Ali Cramer’s classes are influenced by vinyasa, kundalini and therapeutic yoga styles. Students can expect that the class will be taught with attention to alignment, breath and fluid movement, designed to make each student strong and graceful in a safe, welcoming environment. Ali is very inspired by her twelve year study of Ayurveda, the Sister Science to Yoga, which dictates certain rules according to season, circumstances, and Practitioner. She feels that the most important thing to remember is that Yoga can be tailored to EVERYBODY, regardless of experience, level of health, and age. Ali is eternally grateful for the way Yoga brings people together. Ali returns to Khartoum to teach once a year.