Studio Teachers


Mia enjoys flowing some days to music and other days to the sound of the birds on the Blue Nile Lotus terrace. She strives to practice and teach with grace, intention and compassion. Yoga for Mia offers space for expansion, creativity and growth. In Mia’s classes you will notice her deep appreciation for the balance between movement of the body and stillness of the mind.


Dimah’s teaching seeks to support students through various asanas and pranayama exercises, or proper postures, movements, and breathing techniques. Her experience with yoga was sparked as an adolescent but further grew with Blue Nile Lotus after moving to Sudan. Dimah attained her Yoga Alliance certification in Tanzania with Yoga Zanzibar after a rigorous month long training. Among other areas her always developing Ashtanga-based Vinyasa practice centers on techniques, anatomy, and Patangali’s philosophy.


Nathalie found yoga 20 years ago in the hustle of New York city. Upon her return to Khartoum in 2008, she founded Blue Nile Lotus, the first yoga studio in Sudan. She was first drawn to yoga because of the physical intensity of the practice and in the last few years she has been inspired by the study of self reflection that the practice offers. She’s pursued mindfulness and meditation trainings which she weaves into her classes allowing students to open up to sensations and remain present for what is arising. Nathalie takes tremendous joy creating safe and sacred spaces for practitioners to explore and play. Nathalie returns to Khartoum to teach every 6 months.


Inspired by K.Pattabhi Jois (one of the key traditional teachers of yoga), Ammar believes in the sacred connection between the mind, body and soul. He is very passionate about the popular modernized Vinyasa Yoga style and he adopts a holistic approach to mindfulness. His classes aim to bring health, balance and relaxation down into life and he prides himself in providing classes that suit everyone- from a beginner to an athlete!  Ammar began practicing yoga in 2015 when-as a busy mechanical engineer- he found himself indulged in the positive energy yoga has brought into his life, particularly after a hectic day at work! Subsequently he decided to pursue a second career as a yoga instructor in order to share his fruitful experience of managing one’s body and nurturing a peaceful soul and mind.


My name is Tayseer Mohamed, I am from Sudan. I started my journey with yoga about one year ago and it has been a very rich journey. I believe that the entry points into a practice are important in our lives. Because of this, I share yoga with anyone new to yoga and with those who wish to grow on the path of yoga. This has given me much joy.
Connecting to my body is the thing that changed my life, and that happened when I started practicing yoga, and through the same practice I connected to other souls when I started teaching yoga. For me yoga is about connection and interaction and this is how I see life. Yoga became my passion and my life style.
My intention is to introduce my wonderful experience with yoga to others who I see myself reflection in starting everyday here and now.


Amal is an enthusiastic yoga practitioner and instructor. Amal has a background in anatomy and sports.  Her love of the human body makes her appreciate the vast knowledge behind the practice of yoga.

Amal enjoys teaching alignment based vinyasa classes that are simple and that focus on strengthening different parts of the body to support the overall health of the individual.

She is also a big fan of restorative poses so expect a good workout and relaxation in her classes.