Yoga and meditation by the Red Sea

Shed the layers of modern day life under the stillness of the desert skies

March 14 – 18 / 2019
4 days / 4 nights

About the retreat

This is a rare opportunity to discover the magical lands and waters of the Red Sea from within the Sudan, where few have traveled. In the global economy, few locations are protected from mass tourism. At the Red Sea Resort, we will be greeted by Iman whose labor of love has birthed a simple and pristine resort. Through the Red Sea resort we will gain access to secluded beaches and uncharted waters. From this remote location we will move together towards stillness and invite deep relaxation back into our lives.

The retreat includes

  • 4 days / 4 nights stay at the Red Sea Resort
  • 3 freshly prepared vegetarian meals daily
  • Daily yoga and meditation class
  • Daily workshop (details below under Retreat Theme)
  • Bus transportation from and to the airport
  • Cultural excursions (details below)
    • Excursion to Sanganeb Marine National Park
    • Visit to Coral ruins in Suakin

What is not included

  • Air ticket to Port Sudan
  • Optional activities at the Red Sea Resort
  • Tips to staff at the resort
  • Extra food and drinks that can be ordered at the restaurant

See travel details

Excursion to Sanganeb Marine National Park

Sanganeb Marine National Park is a beautiful coral reef on the Red Sea. There is a lighthouse on the reef that was built by the British between 1958 and 1964. The lighthouse is 50 meters tall and has 268 steps. From the top of the lighthouse one sees the beauty of the entire reef. We will take a boat ride to the reef and will spend some time swimming, snorkeling and visiting the lighthouse.

Visit the coral ruins of Suakin

For 3000 years, the port on the island of Suakin was crucial to powerful empires. Today only ruins of the once great coral city exist and are carefully guarded as part of the tourism industry. Besides being a tourist destination, the port still serves ferries to the Saudi coast and provides access between the continents for thousands of Muslim pilgrims completing the Haj every year. (The island was recently handed over to Turkey by Sudanese officials.)

Accommodation packages

You can chose to stay in a Bungalow or a Suite.

In this retreat the accommodations are simple and comfortable. The resort was built by the people who live in Port Sudan, using locally sourced materials and in harmony with the environment. By coming to this retreat you are entering into a unique ecosystem. Here we will find deep blue skies peppered with stars, secluded beaches, gorgeous coral reefs and hospitable locals. It is through this immersion with nature and into a different culture that the layers of modern day life dissolve and we can simply be.

Retreat theme

During the retreat we will explore a theme called ‘relational yoga’. When we are on our yoga mats we tap into a deep sense of peace. Perhaps some of us have experienced stepping off our yoga mat into the world and feeling like the sense of peace  gets rapidly swept away. How do we integrate what we experience on the mat into our life with our partners, family and work colleagues? The gentle yoga and meditation sessions together with the carefully crafted workshops are designed to help us re-establish a connection to who we are while connecting to each other and to the world around us.

Nathalie is the Director and Founder of Blue Nile Lotus. She is from the Sudan and has a deep love and appreciation for the country and people. Nathalie has been looking for a chance to create a retreat in the Red Sea far from the buzz of modern day life. She is excited to be part of the exchange that will occur as people from different cultures come together to practice in this unique environment.

Eszter will come from Hungary to teach yoga. Eszter gently helps students discover ways to work with trust, non-verbal communication and finding strength while remaining playful.  Eszter is a vinyasa yoga instructor also certified in acro-yoga and is a student and practitioner of Thai yoga massage, a therapy working the physical and emotional layers of the body. She used to work in Sudan for the UN for nearly three years.

Iman has a bredth of experience working and living in Sudan and abroad. It is thanks to her determination that we are able to experience this special resort on the shores of the Red Sea. Upon entering the gardens, one will notice influences from the artist Gaudi. Craftsmanship from the local tribes can be seen in the rooms. 

Iman calls this labor of love, her Dream on a Rock.