Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

In Khartoum

“When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.” Loa Tzu



This is a difficult age to live in. Many of us feel stretched beyond capacity by the demands of life. Psychotherapy will provide you with a place to focus on yourself deeply, providing you with the energy to heal and grow. 

My role is to journey alongside you as you approach and explore longing, disappointments, pain, happiness, fear, doubt, sadness, anger and joy. We embark on this inquiry within a safe, supportive and confidential space. Through a joint exploration we will bringing awareness to our inner world.


It is important that you find someone you feel comfortable working with. Once we’ve made contact via email or by phone, we will set up an initial meeting where you can find out more about the work and decide if you want to take things further. 

We will then schedule a weekly online session where you will have an allotted hour at the same time every week. This provides for continuity for you to process whatever you have decided to work on. We would review our therapy relationship regularly to see how the therapy is going for you. I will be in Khartoum in November and February to meet in person. In between those times, I can offer online sessions. 

The sessions will be in English. We will meet in Manshiya. 


  • A new way of relating to the past and the present

  • An ability to notice patterns and create space to respond differently

  • Self-acceptance and kindness 

  • Revived discovery of the meaning of your life

  • An authentic relationship with the world and others


The initial introductory session is 30 minutes and is free. If you are interested, please email me at bluenilelotusyoga@gmail.com



I am in the process of completing a masters degree in mindfulness based psychotherapy at the Karuna Institute. Within this form of psychotherapy, we begin with an understanding that at our core we are healthy beings able to maintain a healthy relationship with life. In sessions we begin to re-establish this natural connection to life imbued with compassion and kindness to oneself and others.