Embodied Presence - Mindfulness & Yoga - Workshop Closed

“If You want to awaken all of humanity – then awaken all of yourself”



About the workshop

For many of us, we spend a great amount of time in our minds, creating new stories or re-living old stories. Through this embodied practice and with the use of mindfulness we come back over and over again to the sensations that arise inside our being. By doing this we direct our attention into our bodies and into the present moment. And slowly slowly, we become less enticed by the stories that no longer serve us – and release them.

Who can join

Everyone! Please join if this workshop speaks to you. All are welcome!

For those new to yoga this is an opportunity to try the poses and see how they feel in your bodies. For yoga practitioners this is an opportunity to work on mind-body connection and go deeper into witnessing what is arising without judgment. 

How to sign up

This workshop has already taken place and is now closed.


The workshop costs $270. If you sign up for 2 workshops or more, each workshop will cost $250. 

For Sudanese working in Khartoum, the cost is $100. If you sign up for 2 workshops, each workshop will cost $85. If you sign up for 3+ workshops, each workshop will cost $75. Only USD is accepted.

Dates and times in January

Saturday 19: 10am to 2:30pm 

Sunday 20 th: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Monday 21st: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Tuesday 22nd: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Wednesday 23rd: 6:30pm to 8:30pm



Nathalie Bittar will deliver this workshop.

Nathalie is fascinated by the human journey; with all its ups and downs. She is curious about how we create our realities and how with tools like yoga and meditation, we can release our stories and re-experience life through the eyes of a child. She encountered yoga over 20 years. Her first yoga teacher training program was in New York at Laughing Lotus. She then completed two additional yoga teacher training programs that incorporated mindfulness and meditation practices with yoga. Nathalie is currently undergoing a masters degree in Core Process psychotherapy. The masters program complements her foundation in yoga, and provides further understanding on emotions and how to support moving towards our natural state of health. Her aim in facilitating workshops is to incorporate mind and body practices, so that each one of us becomes more aware and empowered to heal ourselves from physical and emotional discomfort.