A meditative adventure

Camel & Yoga retreat through the desert

November 28 – December 1, 2019

Bayuda Desert – North Sudan


A sense of adventure, delightful camels, sunrise yoga, spectacular views and heart-warming company.

A one of a kind retreat. 


Start the day with gentle yoga to open the body. After a delicious breakfast we begin to traverse the Bayuda Desert on camel back, taking in the vastness of the desert. With a lunch stop, we eat, rest and then continue on our way. As the sun begins to descend we too prepare for the night. Restorative yoga is offered followed by community dinner under a star speckled night sky. 

This is the kind of experience that takes you away from your daily routine and transports you into another reality. One that takes us back to the basics of life: where phones are checked less often, where what was so important to do carries less urgency and where space is created in the body and mind for creativity to arise.

Join us from November 28 to December 1, 2019 on this extraordinary experience.

The retreat includes

  • We will communicate where to meet in Khartoum. We will take you by car from the meeting place to where the camels will be. 
  • A camels will be awaiting your arrival. 
  • A team will follow us by car and will carry the tents, food and water. You can ride the camel until the destinations, or if at any point you get tired you can hop into one of the cars – the choice is yours.
  • The team will put up the tents and the shower when we stop at at the end of the day. 
  • A talented chef will prepare three delicious meals each day. Vegetarian options will be available.
  • Before breakfast we will rise with the sun and do a little yoga and meditation practice. After riding for the full day, we will do some soft poses and breathing to soften the body and mind.
  • On the last day of the retreat, a car will take us back to the meeting place in Khartoum. 

The retreat does not include

  • Any travel costs incurred to get to Khartoum or to the meeting spot.
  • We do not provide travel insurance. We do encourage you to get travel insurance if you can. 


  • The price per person is 980 EUROS. This price includes all the items listed above. 

Karin is Swiss, a lifestyle coach and lives in Khartoum since 1981. She”s a total desert addict and spends a lot of time hiking and riding through the breathtaking landscape. Karin accompanies you on the “camel part” of the trips, shows you how to handle and ride your camel and is there to offer help and advice. Karin speaks fluent Arabic, English, French and German.

Ahmed is the “father” of his tourism business ” tumbus tourism”, a famous, sought after guide for journalists, archeologists and tourists. In fact, the writer Paul Theroux  in his travel book “dark star safari” describes Ahmed”s prowess as he accompanied him to all the historical sites up north- maybe the very same trip you”re looking forward to! Ahmed takes care of you from the moment you arrive in Khartoum International Airport and you”ll enjoy traveling with the perfect desert drivers, mechanics and super cooks. Ahmed speaks fluent English.

Nathalie is the Director and Founder of the first yoga studio in Khartoum; Blue Nile Lotus. Nathalie is fascinated by the human journey. She is curious about how we create our realities and how with tools like yoga and meditation, we can release our stories and re-experience life through the eyes of a child. She is a certified yoga and meditation teacher with 800 hours of yoga and meditation training under her belt and over a decade of teaching experience. She is currently completing a masters in Psychotherapy.